Good morning!  Skipped a week with the chapter break, but it’s coffee time again whether I have a lot to say or not:

Story.  Seems I’m saying this every other week, but I’m pretty stoked about this next chapter.  To this point, the focus has been almost entirely on Cassandra and her defenders, but the time has come to pull the camera back a little bit and show some more of the world they exist in.  Should be an interesting trip.

Art.  I think I’m out of excuses, now – I still have a long way to go, but I’ve gotten consistent enough that I think you could tell the characters apart even if there were no colors, and the anatomy is decent enough that none of them look like they’ve taken a direct hit with a Picasso ray.  I really, really need to go back and clean up the work on the early pages.  Gonna have to make time for that, which mostly means I’ve got to stop being a lazy ass and spending my evenings staring slack jawed at the latest Person of Interest episode.

Music.  When I started, I said I’d let you know when we come to a part of the story that was inspired by a piece of music, and what the music was – from the early days of writing Middleways, chapter 10 has formed and re-formed to the sound of Black Betty, as performed by Spiderbait. It’s catchy as hell, and has a sound like a bar fight in progress.

Other.  Vote if you’re so inclined, be good to folks and have a great week!

Take care,