Wow, turn around and a month’s gone by.  Glass of Coppola to the right, Glass Animals on the speakers – let’s do the do.

Promises.  Oh holy CRAP I finally redrew page one.  It ain’t perfect, but it looks a lot better than the original, so hopefully new readers won’t take one look at it and run screaming.  I also left a link to the old page in the page one blog post for those of you who want to make your eyes bleed.  My goal is to redraw (or at least clean up) a page every week or so, through about page thirty.  After that, I’m just going to start looking for things that bug me, and clean those up.  All this is to work toward the day when I can print the thing – I think pages 1-200 are going to make a decent Volume 1.

Story.  You people are good.  More than once, I’ve had to convince myself not to change (or at least rearrange) the story because someone managed to predict the next page flawlessly.  Hopefully, the flow being (somewhat) logical isn’t making the story boring.  We’ve entered the wider world of Middleways this chapter, and the next chapters are going to broaden the horizon even further.

Art.  Coming along.  I know I need to work on my backgrounds and do a better job of not rushing panels when it’s nine o’clock on an update night, but I’m at least 60% happy with most of the comics I put out lately, even after looking at them the next morning. 🙂

Comic Cons.  I’m strongly considering getting some prints and maybe a stuffed eyedog puppy or two and setting up a table at an artist’s alley somewhere in Florida (probably Orlando – it’s close, and near and dear to my heart).  I mostly want to do it ’cause I always wondered what it was like to experience a con from the other side of the table, and it would be neat to get to meet some folks.  Of course I’ll post as things get more concrete.

Readers (new).  I put ads on WebComicsList and TopWebComics, so if you’re one of the new people who’ve gone through the archives in the past couple weeks – welcome!  Vote, post comments, tell your friends, make yourself at home.  Lots more story coming, and I’d love to have you along for the ride.

Readers (awesome).  Thanks.  You know who you are.