Morning, folks.  Hope everybody who had to deal with the storm came out the other side okay.

We did fine – neighbor lost a tree, and the entire area’s without power, but we were profoundly lucky, especially considering what the folks just a few miles away in downtown Saint Augustine are dealing with.  If you’re in a position to do anything, the Red Cross would gratefully accept it.

So we’re all okay and safe and dry and stuff, but the problem is there hasn’t been power for a while, and the weekends are the time I usually spend drawing the comics, and I sorta burned through the small buffer I had traveling last weekend.  At this point, even if the power came back on right now you’d get a rushed, crappy comic tonight and two more rushed, crappy comics through the week.  As you know, friendly reader, I really, really hate doing rushed, crappy comics.

What this means is I’m going to be taking this week off to get good comics drawn once the power comes back on.  I’m really sorry to be doing this just as you folks are getting Middleways a regular spot in the top 100 – I know I always sorta grumble when my regular reads have to take a short break.

Thanks for understanding, and I’ll be back with page 257 on Sunday, October 16.

Take care,