Middleways is a webcomic about the adventures of a small group of people who’ve been called to an alternate reality called Middleways in order to defend a sentient tree named Cassandra from the continued attacks of another group of humans known collectively as the Corrupt.  Simple, right?

Middleways ostensibly updates on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  However, due to the actual posting of the comics around nine the night before, it could be said that Middleways updates on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, though that sounds somewhat less professional for some reason.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Holy CRAP the art changes every few panels!

Yeah, about that: Middleways began as an idea for a novel. I’d written a few chapters, then hit a wall (the scribblers among you can probably relate). I decided that the best way to get past the writer’s block was to make the really hard part something else entirely, so I grit my teeth and decided I’d do the story in graphic novel format. Since the last time I’d drawn with any regularity was in high school, that made the challenge of writing the story seem a walk in the park by comparison.

All that’s by way of saying I know the early art sucks, and the current art isn’t as consistent as it could be. My motto is “better than yesterday,” and I stick to that with varying levels of success.

2.  Oh my GOD would you please explain the oxygen thing.

Short answer:  in Middleways, for reasons that may or may not be revealed later, oxygen does not combine as readily with other elements – that is to say, oxidation occurs very, very slowly.  Things that require fast oxidation (internal combustion engines, guns, bombs, open flames, etc.) simply do not work there.

Many of the niches left empty by super slow oxidation are filled by the existence of Amrit, the substance created as a metabolic process by the Sisters.  Which is to say: if you’re wondering how x works since oxygen doesn’t, the answer is probably Amrit.

3. Why did my comment disappear/never show up?

There are only two kinds of comments that don’t make it: spam and trolling. I decide if a comment falls into either category. If you find you disagree with my verdict, drop me a line and convince me I’m wrong. It could happen.

4. You didn’t have ads, now you have ads. Why?

Mostly to offset hosting and other costs. Many people have a goal of being able to do their comic for a living, and I’d be lying if I said that wouldn’t be awesome. That said, I’m incredibly fortunate to have a good day job, so my main goal at this point is for the comic to be read and enjoyed by as many people as possible while costing me as little as possible. Gotta have goals and whatnot.

5. Do you know what happens yet?

Short version is yes. Middleways has an end, and I’ve written it.

6. How long is the story?

The comic should run between five and seven years, assuming three updates a week and small breaks between chapters. The story is written, but there are places that need fleshing out, and sometimes I think of entire story arcs to add as I write. The more I tell the story, the more stories suggest themselves, which is kinda cool. Five years is the minimum, ’cause I have that number of scripts written already.

7. Anything autobiographical about the story?


8.  What tools do you use?

The comic is done entirely digitally using Photoshop, a Mac Pro and a Cintiq 24.