It was also in pages three and four that I decided to make Middleways a webcomic on its own domain, as opposed to publishing pages solely on my DeviantArt page (I still put stuff there, mostly panels and sketches of characters).

I’ve always loved the webcomic page a day format, but it’s a different duck than putting out your work a chapter or several pages at a time – you’re still telling a story, but each page needs to have the ability to stand alone, at least to the extent that it’s entertaining enough to have someone come and see what the next page is about.

Man, but I know I’m going to be tempted to re-draw these things in a few months.  I can’t decide if it makes more sense to leave the originals to show the improvement, or to re-draw them as soon as I’ve got some competency going on so new readers don’t have to wade through crap.