Warning: ┬áThe cast descriptions contain spoilers for readers who aren’t caught up.


Joshua McDaniel is a recent college graduate and lover of music, beer and carrot cake, not necessarily in that order. He is a channeler, the only non-Corrupt channeler in Middleways. His talent scares him silly because it could easily kill anyone he uses it on. Joshua and Alex have recently started a relationship. He's hoping he doesn't screw it up too badly.


Alex Day was recruited in 1992 by Darius and Tara, in her second year of college. Alex is a trans woman; her superficial physical appearance came in line with her identification when she entered Middleways. Her talent is powerful and subtle; she is able to instinctively determine the weakness of any person, object or group of objects and exploit that weakness. She was promoted to field commander of Cassandra's defenders after the death of Danny Millering. After an initial period of reluctance, she has embarked on a relationship with Joshua.


Cassandra is a (roughly) 1,000-meter tall sentient tree, one of the eighty-two Sisters of Middleways. As with most of the other Sisters, she presents a human aspect in her core when communicating with other humans. Like ALL of the Sisters, she produces Amrit, a substance/energy that is unique to Middleways, as a metabolic process.


Darius Williams is the leader of Cassandra's defenders. A brilliant strategist, he describes his talent as "seeing what is." He is very precise in communication. Whether this is because of his link to Cassandra, or whether Cassandra acquired this habit from him is unknown. Darius is married to Tara Williams, the team Medic/Healer.


Tara Williams is House Cassandra's healer, therapist and amateur matchmaker. She was recruited directly by Cassandra in 1969 after she wandered into Middleways from the Outside while stumbling home from a party. She and Darius fell for one another almost instantly, though Darius had to be convinced over time that Tara was in any way interested in him. Tara has now turned her attentions to getting Alex Day over her inhibitions with Joshua. It is understood that Alex doesn't stand a chance.


Mike Peters was recruited in 2004 by Darius and Alex. He was a college dropout working as a waiter and trying to figure out what to do with his life when he was approached by Darius after a long shift. His talent turned out to be an ability to break whatever he hit, which, while a powerful talent, made him less useful in non-deadly force situations. A lover of music and Middleways history, his second job in House Cassandra is teaching Joshua about Middleways history and culture.


Marvin "Moose" Selby was recruited in 1973 by Darius and Danny Millering, the field commander at the time. Moose was physically frail in the Outside due to malnutrition and a childhood bout of measles, but his body became large and muscular upon entering Middleways, and his talent was near invulnerability. Moose and Danny Millering fell in love and co-habited within a year. Danny refused to use the words 'husband' or 'married' because he considered them constructs of straight patriarchy. They lived together until 2011, when an unnamed Corrupt channeler drained Danny to the point of death in a minor skirmish. Moose was conscious but incapacitated while this happened, and had to watch his partner die while the channeler laughed.


Jimmy Gonzales was most recent addition to Cassandra's defenders before Joshua arrived, having been recruited in 2011 by Alex and Mike. He was recently discharged from the Marine corps and recently married, and just starting college. His wife Karen was dubious about coming to Middleways, thinking first (as Joshua briefly did) that the defenders were a cult, then becoming angry that she had managed to keep her husband through two tours in Afghanistan, only to have him join another war in progress, on what looked like the losing side.


Karen Gonzales came to Middleways with her husband Jimmy when he was recruited as Cassandra's defender. She spent three years nervously reading romance novels and hoping her husband wasn't killed before an offhand statement to Alex revealed she was a latent super sniper. Jimmy's defense for never mentioning her talent is he "didn't think she was into that stuff."


Quentin is Cassandra's technology and weapons specialist. Recruited in 1984 by Darius and Danny Millering, his talent is an instinctive understanding of mechanical and electronic devices. Coupled with good eyes and the steadiest hands in the Crater, Quentin's talent is responsible for many of the finest weapons all the Sisters' defenders possess.


Neil is Cassandra's armorer and tailor. Neil came to Middleways in 1984 with his partner Quentin. Darius has often remarked on Cassandra's "outrageous good fortune" in finding a weapons specialist whose partner just happened to have a talent for creating lightweight, incredibly strong armor.